In this digital age, are you lost when it comes to your brand strategy?

Blogging, posting, sharing videos, you know you should be doing these things. Maybe you are already attempting each of these. But without an overall strategy you, most likely, aren’t seeing the results you are wanting. Here are five steps you can take to create a brand strategy that will have you enjoying a significant ROI.

  1. Company Name, Logo and Tagline – This may not apply to you, but if your name, logo, or tagline do not support your brand positioning and speak to your target audience, you might want to consider making some changes.
  2. Target Clients – Not only do you need to focus on a clearly defined clientele, but you also need to take the time to research your target client’s perspective and priorities. If you can anticipate their needs and craft your message in a language that resonates with them, you will build trust, and that trust is what leads to sales.
  3. Brand Positioning – What sets your business apart from your competitors? Let your target audience know why they should choose you. A few short sentences describing how you promise to help them is all that is needed.
  4. Message Strategy – Your business will likely have more than one target audience. Potential clients, potential employees, potential partners, will make up your audience. You will need to translate your brand positioning statement into messages that will speak to each of these audiences specific needs and interests. Keep in mind, your brand positioning statement will be the same for each audience, but each audience will only be interested in certain aspects of it. Get this right, and your business’s message will be relevant to each of your target audiences.
  5. Content Strategy – This is where it all comes together. You have determined who you are talking to (Target Audience), and what you would like to say (Brand Positioning). Now you can decide what marketing platform to use i.e., social media, sales funnels, blogs, even your website is a platform.

The final step for your brand strategy is to Track Your Results. So many times, businesses spend time and energy, putting together a brand strategy only to get busy and never fully implement it. Don’t let all of your hard work go down the drain! By tracking your entire process, you can make sure you are staying on track and making the right adjustments when necessary.