How to Tap into the Quick Clicker

In days of old, businesses marketed products and services to their niche market through many avenues, hoping to create sales. Brochures in the mail, television advertisements and newspaper articles were primary resources for promotion a new product, concept or local business. Sunday coupons were cut with scissors after church and placed in an envelope to use later in the weeks. Times were slower before everything sped up. Today it is said that humans have an 8-10 second attention span as it relates to online decision making.

short attention span marketing

Small businesses rely on their ability to put out content that touches the needs of a niche market, but are constantly tweaking their approach to cater to the shorter attention span of their prospective market. You may have already experienced this problem in your online business. Here are three ways you can mitigate losing business because your prospects are thumbing through your social sites quickly.


3 Ways to Market to a Short Attention Span

  1. Deep Dive into the Human Needs of Your Niche Market – The better you are educated on the deeper human needs of your niche market, the more success you will see when marketing to people with a short attention span. Make them the hero in every piece of content you create.
  2. Be Aware of what Makes them Click – The most successful marketing strategies for the 8 Second mind, focus on clicks. A beautiful ad with too many words may get looked over. At the same time, a short ad that gives instructions for the CTA (Call to Action) may see more direct clicks to the content.
  3. Don’t lead them to a mile long sales page – When you achieve success based on your deep dive into the human needs of your niche market and you become aware of what makes them click, it’s important to cater to their short attention span all the way through. Your sales page should be short and sweet, ready to accept payments for a product or service.

Must people have a very short attention span. Social sites like “TikTok” serve up videos that are short; so short that nearly none of the information is retained. Companies that embrace the concept of a short attention span among prospects, will thrive.

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