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The Power of Digital Marketing for Your Business

Creating a Visual Story

Digital Marketing can be defined as the process of utilizing technology such as websites, mobile apps and online resources to market your company’s products and services. The digital marketing space is never too saturated, although it may seem that way at first glance. Many marketing professionals and businesses, both online and local, use the internet and digital assets to create a visual story.

A visual story consists of images and messaging that appeal to the eye. Today, people have short attention spans and need to make their decision to click your call to action, within 8.0 seconds. A visual story will assist in the click, and help with a greater conversion experience.

Types of Visual Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing consists of visual elements and textual content. A good visual campaign contains colorful images that also contain text, and often combine text over an image. These types of visual elements are called “memes.” Memes are easy to share. Shared memes increase visibility and encourage the almighty “click”. When a cold lead (prospect) clicks a link on the text of an ad, they immediately become warm.

The social network site “Pinterest” has millions of subscribers who share thousands of images daily. Tapping into the visual crowds leads to successful campaigns in a tight niche.

Warm leads can then convert to sales with greater ease. For example, a meme shared on Facebook can contain an image description and within the description there will be a link to a website. From the website there will be an opt in, warming the lead up again. Memes can be of baby goats, or serious political issues. Memes make you smile, laugh and even cry.

High Click Campaigns

Businesses with successful digital marketing strategies will have campaigns that enjoy 1000s of clicks to a CTA, (Call to Action). Clicks can be measured within the insights of most social media networks. The digital marketing lead within the marketing team will keep a close eye on the success, or failure of a digital campaign.

High-click campaigns result, by rule of averages, in more sales, more profits and more room for expansion. Knowing your niche and what they need from you is key to launching a digital marketing campaign that enjoys viral success. A successful campaign makes an impact, quickly.

What is your company’s marketing strategy?