Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm and features. Here are some recent changes that Facebook has made recently that may affect business owners who market themselves using Facebook:

Facebook Advertisers can Update their Focus Event

Since Apple has released its App Tracking Transparency update, Facebook has been experimenting with several different changes in order to ensure that business owners who use their platform to run affordable advertisements can still have a positive experience. One of the biggest complaints since Apple’s update has been released, is that Facebook users are noticing that their conversions have been dramatically decreasing.

Part of the reason for this decrease is that some conversions are still happening but the app is simply unable to report the conversion since some users have turned off the app’s ability to track which websites they have visited. In order to help find a solution to this problem, Facebook is starting to release different features including the ability to update their focus event. Before this change users would have to manually pause the campaign and make these changes. This change will allow for a smoother, less time-consuming experience that will make it easier to implement changes that can enhance your campaigns.

Facebooks has Added Estimated Conversions

On the 7-day attribution window, Facebook has now added estimated conversions. This feature will help advertisers get a better understanding of what their actual number of conversions looks like, even with the loss in data Apple’s new update has contributed to. A lot of advertisers are trying to find ways to maximize their reach to Android users since Android has not given their users the option to disable tracking.

Facebook has responded to this by providing more event options to users when they are setting up their campaigns. This means that advertisers who are trying to maximize their reach to Android users will be able to optimize their campaigns more.

Facebook is Adding Sound to some of their Emojis

While the other updates the app is releasing are more on the technical side, Facebook is also launching a new feature that will add sound to some of their emojis. The library of this new type of emoji will be updated regularly with clips from different famous TV shows and other classic sounds. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bridgerton, and Fast and Furious 9 are just some of the shows that will have sound clips featured in this new emoji library.

These new emojis will be available in the messenger app and can be found by clicking the speaker icon. These new emojis can be a useful tool to use in order to stand out and deliver a unique response when you are engaging with people via direct message.

Throughout this year, Facebook has released several new features and this momentum is expected to continue as they continue to find ways to adapt to Apple’s new update. One main takeaway that small business owners should keep in mind is that even if your reported conversions or insights, in general, seem to be drastically decreasing, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your ads are less affected. The app is still adapting and trying to find ways to give users more accurate insights while still allowing their users to opt out of being tracked. In order to run effective ads on Facebook make sure to regularly check back in to see what other changes the platform has made.

With the constant changes in social media, it can be hard to stay up-to-date with it and your own career knowledge! We are here for you.

Nikole & the Crew,
Shield Bar Marketing

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