Here’s a story for you… (a true one!)

Here’s a story for you… (a true one!)

You know how “they” always say take care of yourself first?
Well, it’s true, you must put your own oxygen mask on first (and make sure your gas tank is full!)

For those of you who are my personal friends, and not just clients, you may recall I lost my closest friend in September. I was just developing a new normal, when her mom passed away, and so now I’m dealing with those emotions and travel plans for the funeral. (I’ll be out Jan. 28-Feb. 1, BTW)

However, this is a quick story on how I do need to take care of myself and my family first. With growing up in the middle of nowhere, I am usually very vigilant with filling my gas tank up when it gets to a half tank, and at the very least a quarter of a tank. Even though I now live less than a mile from a gas station, I still usually keep my tank at half or fuller.

This week I ended up taking my son to school two extra days than normal (usually carpool), and between finding out about the death, working on my clients projects, and driving Lincoln to school and extracurriculars, I didn’t notice how low the fuel gauge was.

My normal morning routine was thrown off on Thursday and I headed out the door for school drop off. Had the kid, his lunch and his backpack; had my water and my keys, but I forgot my purse… normally not a big deal. I go to school and come back (hour+ round trip).

On the way back from school I was listening to a podcast, and when I got to a quiet stretch of road decided to return a client call. When I was doing that I noticed that my need fuel light was on. I quickly glanced over at the “miles to empty” reading and it said 6 miles! I had JUST passed the last Tucson exit heading south, the next gas station was 15 miles. I immediately took the next exit, mapped it back to QT and it said 3.8 miles. I decided we’d see how trustworthy the miles to empty actually was!

I jumped back on interstate, being careful to not accelerate to fast and drove 55 mph back to the next exit. Thankfully the light was still green so I didn’t have to idle at that one… 1.8 miles to go and supposedly 3 miles left on the tank.

I got to the second light, and had to make a left hand turn… thankfully that light was still green and traffic was light.

It was at 0.3 miles to go and 1 mile left on the tank…I pulled up to the gas pump that was empty and it had a yellow bag on it!


I circled the parking lot and got another pump… made it with 1 mile left on the tank.

Now, I knew I had forgot my purse. Yet I also knew I had a $5 bill stashed in the van for emergencies and I figured it was a good time to set up Google Pay…

Google Pay wouldn’t work at the pump so I walked inside with my phone and my $5 bill. I asked the cashier if he knew how to use Google Pay, and he did, it seamlessly worked!!! I was able to prepay and fill my tank mostly up… and the van started! I made it back to my home office with 5 minutes to spare before another client call. Here’s my 3 tips…

  1. Use a mental checklist every time you go get in your vehicle… keys, water, wallet, etc.
  2. Stash a $5, $10 or $20 in your vehicle
  3. Check your fuel level every time you get in the vehicle…make it a habit!

Here’s to 2022 and making it your best year yet! Mine is off to a start, not a great one, but it’s started and I’m looking forward to every day I have on this earth, spending it with my family and friends and serving my clients.

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Social Marketing to a Short Attention Span

Social Marketing to a Short Attention Span

How to Tap into the Quick Clicker

In days of old, businesses marketed products and services to their niche market through many avenues, hoping to create sales. Brochures in the mail, television advertisements and newspaper articles were primary resources for promotion a new product, concept or local business. Sunday coupons were cut with scissors after church and placed in an envelope to use later in the weeks. Times were slower before everything sped up. Today it is said that humans have an 8-10 second attention span as it relates to online decision making.

short attention span marketing

Small businesses rely on their ability to put out content that touches the needs of a niche market, but are constantly tweaking their approach to cater to the shorter attention span of their prospective market. You may have already experienced this problem in your online business. Here are three ways you can mitigate losing business because your prospects are thumbing through your social sites quickly.


3 Ways to Market to a Short Attention Span

  1. Deep Dive into the Human Needs of Your Niche Market – The better you are educated on the deeper human needs of your niche market, the more success you will see when marketing to people with a short attention span. Make them the hero in every piece of content you create.
  2. Be Aware of what Makes them Click – The most successful marketing strategies for the 8 Second mind, focus on clicks. A beautiful ad with too many words may get looked over. At the same time, a short ad that gives instructions for the CTA (Call to Action) may see more direct clicks to the content.
  3. Don’t lead them to a mile long sales page – When you achieve success based on your deep dive into the human needs of your niche market and you become aware of what makes them click, it’s important to cater to their short attention span all the way through. Your sales page should be short and sweet, ready to accept payments for a product or service.

Must people have a very short attention span. Social sites like “TikTok” serve up videos that are short; so short that nearly none of the information is retained. Companies that embrace the concept of a short attention span among prospects, will thrive.

When you are ready to work with a marketing company that cares about your small business putting their best foot forward, click here to schedule a discovery call to see if Shield Bar Marketing is a fit for you!